Facebook - Product design for FB tools to manage ad campaigns

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook makes money by selling ads. I contracted at Facebook for 18 months, as a Product Designer on the in-house Product Design team for the Ads & Pages group. Advertisers create and manage their Facebook ad campaigns using web tools. Ads Manager is primarily for small business owners. Power Editor caters to advertising departments or agencies running large accounts. I worked on both tools.

I developed interfaces for new features, built prototypes for user testings, and documented specifications for front-end engineering.

Any change to the interface of Power Editor affects a large network of ad agencies that use this tool daily. A false move could trigger millions of dollars in loss. All new features go through a rigorous process. The product design team worked closely with Client Relations Managers (who talk daily with advertisers) to gather product requirements.

At Facebook, product design teams include both designers and engineers. Involving engineering from the start was a crucial factor in our success. Brainstorming solutions together ensured that we, the designers, came up with options grounded in reality development-wise. Also, the cooperative approach meant that front-end engineers had a better understanding, and felt more invested, in the design they built.

For each project, I presented many options for internal review, detailing each flow in a series of flat comps created in Bohemian Sketch. Sometimes, I produced interactive prototypes and collaborated with a UX researcher to conduct user testing.

Auto=Rename tool Tips & Tricks

I worked on a variety of features, such as the Auto-Rename tool and Tips & Tricks.